Mary FallinThe family is the bedrock foundation of a free and healthy society. To assure that Oklahoma families can thrive and prosper in the years ahead, I believe we must reaffirm two fundamental values:

Value one defines what a family is ... and that begins with a marriage between a man and woman. I oppose efforts to redefine marriage, an institution that has endured and worked for thousands of years.

Value two concerns every family's hopes for a prosperous, safe and secure future. To make sure that future comes true, government needs to give individuals the freedom to make their own economic choices in a society that is safe and just.

Too often, government works against the best interests of our families rather than for them. Like doctors, Congress should obey the rule, "First, do no harm." Unfortunately, Washington politicians often forget that principle. This is most true when it comes to our confusing and overly burdensome tax code.

As a Congresswoman, I have resisted efforts to pass tax increases and worked to simplify our tax code. I cosponsored legislation to give us a fairer, flatter tax, one that is easily understood and beneficial to ALL families. When the majority party proposed a budget that would reinstate the death tax and the marriage penalty, cut the child tax credit in half, and raise the lowest tax rate from 10% to 15%, I voted against it. Lower taxes empower American families by giving them the freedom to spend their own money. For this reason, I will never support across the board tax increases.

The government has a responsibility to provide our families with the freedom they need to prosper. It also has a responsibility to maintain a safe and just society for our children. That means being tough on crime. Those who engage in crime must be held accountable for their actions. This includes the fair and sure implementaion of the death penalty for our most violent criminals. As your Congresswoman, I will continue to support legislation that makes our streets safer for you and your children.