Mary FallinWith the rising cost of healthcare, the soaring price of gasoline and a struggling housing market, it's no wonder American families are worried about the economy. In Congress, I've worked to be an advocate for the kind of pro-growth and pro-family policies we need to protect our economic security.


You know how to spend your money better than the federal government. That's why I supported the 2008 economic growth package that put a tax rebate in the hands of over 130 million working Americans, seniors and disabled veterans. Returning this tax money to the American people will provide immediate relief to struggling families and give our economy a much needed shot in the arm. The growth package will also help small businesses with tax incentives for investment and job growth.

Besides supporting the growth package, I have and will continue to be an outspoken opponent of raising taxes. While the majority party has advocated for the reinstatement of the death tax and the marriage penalty, cuts in the child tax credit, and a dramatic increase in capital gains taxes, I have consistently opposed such measures. Raising taxes in a time of economic uncertainty would hurt American families and provide a devastating blow to our economic security. That's why I support making the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts permanent.


A lot of politicians still can't do what all American families have to: balance a budget. It's time they learn. As your Congresswoman, I have supported legislation that would restore transparency to the spending process, eliminate unnecessary pork, and move us towards a balanced budget WITHOUT raising taxes.


I believe in free trade. I also believe that in this global economy, we must make sure trade with countries like China and other emerging economies is fair. We live in a competitive world and we cannot be expected to fight with one arm tied behind our back.


To ensure our economic wellbeing in the future, we must take the chains off small business. Small business is the economic engine that drives Oklahoma; its survival is critical to America's future.

For this reason, I fought to remove unnecessary burdens on industry both as Oklahoma's lieutenant governor and as a Congresswoman. Red tape and bueracracy are the enemy of small business owners and employees. As a member of the Small Business Committee, I have consistently opposed unneccessary government intervention in private enterprise.

Where government can help small business is with health care. It is estimated that 45 million Americans are uninsured, with almost 60% of those working for small business. Unless we make some dramatic changes, that number will undoubtedly rise. We must move forward with efforts to make health care more affordable and accessible for small businesses. I support he concept of federally regulated small business health plans, sometimes called association health plans, which allow small businesses to pool together to purchase health insurance. This approach lowers cost by spreading risk to a much larger grou. By throwing small business a lifeline where healthcare is ensured, we can lessen the financila burden on business owners and employees.