Mary Fallin

Sen. Jim Inhofe sends message to Oklahomans supporting Governor Fallin's re-election

August 15, 2014
Campaign Release
Sen. Jim Inhofe

Dear Fellow Oklahoman,

This is Senator Jim Inhofe, writing to you on behalf of Governor Mary Fallin.

Governing successfully takes a big dose of two things: leadership, and a willingness to be a team player. Mary has shown both, and I'm proud to offer her my support as she runs for reelection.

When the EPA tried to end a program to support rural firefighters — because agency bureaucrats thought fire trucks were causing global warming! — Mary joined me in fighting back against Washington bureaucracy and successfully changed their policies. Today, rural firefighters once again have the tools they need to protect our lives and property. (READ: Tulsa World: "Inhofe, Fallin, protecting Oklahoma from the dangers of fire, bueracracy")

Governor Fallin and I also worked hard to force President Obama to close the facility for illegal aliens at Fort Sill. She stood up to the president, telling him that Oklahoma resources need to be spent on Oklahomans, not illegal aliens (READ: "Illegal Aliens Divert Resources from State's Own Citizens") Mary and I continue to demand the president end our national policy of amnesty and get serious about enforcing our laws.

Mary believes in commonsense, conservative solutions that work. Under her leadership, Oklahoma has created over 100,000 new jobs since 2011. While President Obama leads the rest of the country in the wrong direction, we're lucky to have a governor who does the right thing and stands up for Oklahoma families and businesses.

Please consider donating or volunteering for Governor Fallin's reelection campaign, or just forwarding this email to your friends.

Thank you, and God bless Oklahoma!

Jim Inhofe

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