Mary Fallin

New NYTimes/CBS News Poll Shows Fallin Lead Increasing

September 12, 2014

A new poll released yesterday by the New York Times, CBS News and YouGov shows Governor Fallin with an 18 point lead, beating Democrat opponent Joe Dorman 53-35. The poll comes just days after a poll conducted by Sooner Poll showed Fallin leading 50-32.

Since beginning to campaign in earnest, Fallin has steadily built her lead up in the race for governor. She is continuing to travel across the state as part of her "Mary on the Move" tour, and her campaign is expected to launch more broadcast television advertisements next week.

"You can really tell that people are getting excited," said Fallin Campaign Political Director and Grassroots Coordinator Ashley Hahn. "We now have over 1,000 volunteers, working in every county to ensure the governor's message is getting out. People are inspired by what she's done in office and the way she's gotten our economy back on track. The polls are reflecting that."

To learn more and see the poll, click here.

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