Mary Fallin

Mary Fallin's Lead Grows to 18 in New Poll

September 5, 2014
Campaign Release

A new poll shows Governor Mary Fallin with an 18 point lead over Democrat opponent Joe Dorman. The poll, conducted by Sooner Poll, shows Fallin with 50.3 percent of the vote to Dorman’s 32 percent. The poll also shows that 56.8 percent of voters have a favorable opinion of Fallin. Only 28.9 percent of voters have a favorable opinion of Dorman, and 57.6 percent have either never heard of him or have no opinion of him.

See the poll here.

The new poll illustrates the Fallin campaign’s positive momentum in recent weeks. While a July 18 Rasmussen poll showed Fallin up 5, that lead grew to 10 in a July 27 NYT/CBS poll, 13 points in a July 30 Sooner Survey, and now 18 points in the recent SoonerPoll.

Dorman’s numbers have weakened, with his percentage of the vote slipping from a high of 40% in the July 18 poll to just 32% today.

Fallin has spent the last several weeks travelling across the state in an RV and meeting with voters as part of her “Mary on the Move” tour.

“Our campaign has built a huge grassroots network and it’s only getting stronger,” said Ashley Hahn, the Fallin campaign’s grassroots coordinator and political director. “There is one reason for that: Mary Fallin. The more voters see and hear from her, the more they understand how passionate she is about Oklahoma and building a better and more prosperous state.

“I think Dorman’s campaign is having the opposite effect,” she continued. “The more voters hear from Joe, the more they realize they don’t want someone with the same values and policies as Barack Obama running our state.”

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