Mary Fallin

Mary Fallin campaign visits Sapulpa

September 20, 2014
The Sapulpa Daily Herald
By John Brock

The re-elect Fallin 2014 campaign rolled into Sapulpa Friday morning, with a bright red RV vehicle bearing the state’s serving chief executive.

“She came here the first time she ran for office. She just stopped in, we didn’t even know she was coming and she was very kind to everyone here. She just walked in that day and shook hands with everybody,” Restaurateur Sam Jaber owner of Cafe USA said.

“She likes to visit family and locally owned businesses,” Brandon Collins a campaign field coordinator said.

This time however the governor’s campaign staff called ahead, to let the public know she was coming back to the Cafe USA.

Stepping out of her RV the governor immediately engaged the small crowd that awaited her outside the eatery. She talked individually and in small groups, doing what politicians do, shaking hands, smiling and taking a hug or two.

“I am visiting eight counties today and Saturday. We made one trip (around the state) visiting folks going 620 miles,” Fallin said of her Mary on the Move travels.

The gregarious governor had a time making the twenty or so yards to the restaurant’s front door as she spoke and was spoken to by any and all outside. Fallin even displayed some on the fly bi-partisanship in speaking at length with an ‘old friend’ Herald Columnist and Attorney John Mark Young an avowed Democrat.

Additionally Fallin spent several moments talking policy and state small business matters with Newspaperman Darrell Sumner, owner of several area publications including the Sapulpa Daily Herald.

“As a small businesswoman almost thirty years ago, I got so mad about government that I (first) decided to run for office. I had a three year old and a newborn baby, but I was just so frustrated at what was going on in the state capitol,” Fallin said of her first political aspirations.

Fallin entered the Cafe and was met by Jaber.

She complimented the red white and blue decor and patriotic theme of the establishment to the owner.

“This place looks great. I see your flag displayed. We need more patriotism (in business),” Fallin commented.

The entirety of her visit the vibe that this was more of a personal visit than a “typical” campaign stop.

Finally getting to the restaurant’s classic movie themed room, Fallin met with two commissioners, two prosecutors, bankers, business leaders and regular folks who were waiting or just happen to walk by to meet her.

Intrigued by District 1 Commissioner Newt Stephens office and name monogrammed shirt she revealed what has probably been a closely held secret for years.

The following is a Herald exclusive:

“I see that your first name is Newt. That is my name too. My middle name and I spent years trying to distance myself from it. I can still hear my grandmother hollering out Mary Newt,” Fallin said imitating her grandmothers call home with a long emphasis, trilling on the Newt part.

Stephens expressed surprise later that this fact had been hidden from him. So he had his daughter Google the Gov, and sure enough Fallin’s mid name and her father Joseph’s middle name are the same: Newton.

A politician can really say some things when they refrain from the same same stump speech given over and over.

Fallin was overheard however asking several folks for their support and vote in the November election.

Fallin at present leads in the opinion polls of likely voters ahead of her Democrat challenger, Joe Dorman of Rush Springs.

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