Mary Fallin

Governor Mary Fallin to Run for Reelection

October 17, 2013
Campaign Release

Governor Mary Fallin today officially kicked off her reelection campaign for 2014 during a statewide tour that made stops in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Lawton.

During the tour, Fallin highlighted the success of her policies that have led to the “Oklahoma Comeback.”

“Oklahoma has pursued conservative, common sense policies that have helped to right our economy and put tens of thousands of men and women back to work,” Fallin said. “We need to build on that momentum to ensure that Oklahoma families and businesses continue to thrive. That’s why I’m running to be your governor for a second term.”

Fallin was elected with a wide margin in 2011, becoming Oklahoma’s first female governor. She inherited a challenging set of economic circumstances when she took office. Both the state and the nation were in the midst of a recession. Oklahoma’s unemployment rate was seven percent. A stagnant economy had lead to declining revenue and a half billion-dollar budget shortfall. The state was also broke, with just $2.03 in its Rainy Day Savings Account.

Fallin has pushed an aggressive agenda since her election to get the state back on track. To help create jobs and boost the economy, she partnered with lawmakers to pass pro-business reforms like tax cuts, lawsuit reform and a complete overhaul of the state’s workers’ compensation system.

To eliminate government waste and help close the budget shortfall, she worked to consolidate or eliminate dozens of agencies, boards and commissions. She also prioritized spending needs, making tough budget cuts while still providing the necessary funding for priorities like education, public safety and health services.

Governor Fallin also stood up to the Obama Administration, saying “no” to the Obamacare Medicaid expansion that would have driven the state off a fiscal cliff.

Her conservative, common sense policies are working:

• Today, Oklahoma’s unemployment rate has fallen to just 5.3 percent, one of the lowest rates in the nation.

• The Rainy Day Savings Account, once empty, now stands at over a half billion dollars, protecting the state from unforeseen economic difficulties.

• Oklahoma families have thrived, with per capita income growth rising at the 4th fastest rate in the nation since 2011.

Fallin said Oklahoma’s progress has been significant, but that the bad policies and gridlock coming from Washington threaten to derail the Oklahoma Comeback.

“As a state, we are headed in the right direction,” said Fallin. “Our policies are helping to create jobs and improve the quality of life for Oklahoma families. But we know we have challenges ahead. The ongoing dysfunction and gridlock in our nation’s capitol, in particular, threatens to erase our progress. As governor, I’ll make sure Washington doesn’t derail Oklahoma’s impressive record of growth and success.”


The Fallin for Governor Campaign also launched a new website today at The website features information on the governor and her accomplishments, allows supporters to sign up to volunteer or donate, and includes the latest information on the campaign.

The campaign is also active on Facebook (link) and Twitter (link). You can follow tweets on today’s campaign kickoff event at #Fallin2014.

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