Mary Fallin

Governor in Claremore at Gatesway Balloon Festival

September 21, 2014
The Daily Progress
By Salesha Wilken

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin stopped in Rogers County Friday to visit with voters and enjoy the sights of the Gatesway Balloon Festival.

Fallin’s tour across the state is nearing the finish line, with a little more than a month before the General Election.

Despite facing many issues since taking office in 2011, the state continues to experience strong growth, according to Gov. Fallin. “One of the things I am most proud of is how we were able turn the economy back around,” Fallin said.

While in office, she has helped lower the unemployment rate from 7 to 5.3 percent, falling faster and farther than the national average, according to Fallin.

“I promised the people of Oklahoma I was going to focus on creating jobs and a stronger more vibrant economy,” Fallin said.

In the past four years, Fallin worked to build a better business climate, so small businesses could grow, flourish and create jobs. Oklahoma’s new job growth translated to having the fourth fastest growing GDP in the nation, according to Fallin.

“There was a $500 million shortfall when I took office because we had gone through a national recession,” Fallin said.

She led the state in overcoming the shortfall and taking the Rainy Day fund from only $2 to more than $532 million.

“If reelected, I will continue to focus on growing the economy so families will do better. Education is critical to reaching that goal and as the economy grows more money will be available to fund it,” she said.

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