Mary Fallin

Governor Fallin Statement on Presidential Debate

October 3, 2012
Press Release

OKLAHOMA CITY Governor Mary Fallin released the following statement regarding the presidential debate:

In tonights debate, President Obama predictably failed to explain why the American people should re-elect a president that has given us 43 months of unemployment over 8 percent, 23 million Americans out of work or underemployed, and over $5 trillion in new debt despite his promise to cut the deficit in half during his first term. The presidents policies have failed, and no amount of rhetorical skill or debate-ready talking points will change that.

Governor Romney, on the other hand, outlined a vision for getting this country back to work and back on the right track. I am confident that voters will respond positively to Mitts support of small business, free enterprise and middle class growth, Fallin said.

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