Mary Fallin

Governor Fallin Emphasizes Education Policy

November 6, 2013

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin brought her message of good news about the state to Bartlesville on Tuesday. Fallin talked about the state's low unemployment rate compared to much of the rest of the country and it's economic growth in the business sector but she says Oklahoma can do better when it comes to education -- particularly with the skills graduates need to enter the workforce.

Fallin is also the chairman of the National Governor's Association. She put forward a proposal to the states emphasizing those job skills. She calls the workforce education project "America Works"

According to the governor, "America Works" is a continuation of an initiative she began in Oklahoma several years ago called "Complete College America".

Fallin says she has been working hard with legislative leaders and education professionals to raise graduation standards. She wants parents and graduates to know that when you graduate with a 12th-grade education, you have a 12-th grade education. Not a high school diploma but with 10th grade math skills and 11th-grade science skills.

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