Mary Fallin

Governor Fallin announces run for re-election

October 17, 2013
By Janai Norman

Governor Mary Fallin was in Tulsa Thursday announcing her plans to run for re-election in 2014. It was the first stop of three along her tour that included Oklahoma City and Lawton.

Dozens of supporters showed up to cheer her on, including Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett, but outside were protestors, some of who say they voted for Fallin three years ago. 

 Education is one issue Governor Fallin said the state of Oklahoma needs to focus more on.

“Education, our workforce in the state of Oklahoma,” the governor said. “Making sure that Oklahoma schools have high academic standards.”

“It is creating a work force, which is what communists do,” Cuellar argued. “When you hear ‘work force’ and ‘human capital’ come out of Mary Fallin’s mouth, and the chamber and everybody else, that is what they’re doing.”

Along with education, Governor Fallin says during her second term she will focus on transportation, public safety, and health care.

She’s against the Affordable Care Act, but tells FOX23’s Janai Norman she’s found an alternative.

“I got Insure Oklahoma, which is a wonderful state-based Oklahoma program that helps those who are lower income, those who are in smaller business.”

Though she admits that doesn’t help the state’s shortage of primary care doctors, which she says she’s working to improve.

“In the meantime we’ve been working on encouraging Oklahomans to take charge of their health,” Governor Fallin said.

She says the state is in the middle of what she calls “an Oklahoma comeback.”

Fallin broke down the progress she says the state has made since she took office back in January 2011. Two big points include bringing the unemployment rate down from 7& to 5.3%, and bringing the state’s rainy day fund from just $2.03 to just over half a billion dollars.

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