Mary Fallin

Fallin's message, popularity worth paying attention to

September 8, 2012
The Oklahoman Editorials

Nearly one-quarter of state voters are registered Democrats who don't support Barack Obama. Keep this in mind when election results roll in Nov. 6. If Obama loses all 77 counties, as he did in 2008, it won't be solely due to Republican voters.

Keep this in mind as well if the 2nd Congressional District seat switches from Democratic control (incumbent Dan Boren declined to run again) to GOP control. The district is a traditionally Democratic Party stronghold. And keep this in mind when viewing the continued popularity of Republican Gov. Mary Fallin.

Sooner Survey reported last month that Fallin has a 70 percent approval rate among Oklahoma's registered Democrats who dislike Obama. That's higher than her overall rate. In Little Dixie, Fallin enjoys the support of 61 percent of voters.

The governor's GOP national convention speech, largely drowned out by the networks covering the convention, gave Fallin a platform to extol Oklahoma values. She drew a sharp contrast between Obama's central planning philosophy and the pioneers who settled this state using their own grit and determination.

For this, she was reminded by her critics in the sneering class that the federal government played a starring role in white settlement: It owned the land and provided policing services. So what? Washington didn't clear the land, plow the fields, nurse the babies or can the vegetables. Yes, Mr. President, the settlers did that.

Their descendants, including a lot of Democrats, favor politicians who give respect where respect is due. Fallin does. Obama does not.

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