Mary Fallin

Fallin for Governor Campaign Releases New Ad: 'Trust'

October 28, 2014

The Fallin for Governor Campaign released a new ad today, contrasting Governor Mary Fallin’s proven conservative record with Representative Joe Dorman’s liberal ideology and failed ideas. The ad -- titled “Trust” -- begins running today on television markets across Oklahoma.

“Trust” highlights Governor Fallin’s successful economic record, including the tax cuts and balanced budgets that helped lead to over 100,000 new jobs created in Oklahoma. It also puts a spotlight on her advocacy for better public education, including two consecutive years of budgets that increased K-12 education funding by $150 million.

The ad points out that Dorman voted against those education increases while proposing smaller increases in funding as part of a plan the Oklahoman called “flimflam.” Dorman also continues to pursue an agenda of higher taxes and bigger government similar to the one pushed by President Obama and Washington politicians.

“Mary Fallin has kept her promise to voters and pursued conservative policies that helped to get Oklahoma’s economy back on track,” said Fallin for Governor Political Director and Grassroots Coordinator Ashley Hahn. “She’s stood up to Washington, fought for our public schools, and earned the trust of Oklahoma families and businesses. While Representative Dorman supports a liberal ideology that would jeopardize the state’s prosperity, Mary Fallin has a track record of proven results.”


"Trust" Script
Who do you trust with Oklahoma’s future?
Mary Fallin promised to improve our economy and she did.
Taxes lowered, budgets balanced, over 100,000 new jobs created.
A forceful advocate for education, adding a $150 million in two years
Joe Dorman, a risky choice.
Dorman supports an Obama-like agenda of higher taxes and more government,
He opposed education funding and his proposal’s been called “flim-flam.”
Mary Fallin, because no one fights harder for Oklahoma, no one.

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