Mary Fallin

Aerospace Industries Association, Gov. Fallin Tout Value of Strong Government-Industry Partnership

June 17, 2013
Aerospace Industries Association Release

The leadership of the Aerospace Industries Association joined with Gov. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma and representatives from the U.S. government and state delegations at the Paris Air Show today to discuss issues ranging from the impacts of sequestration budget cuts to the potential societal and economic benefits of unmanned aircraft systems and the value of trade to the aerospace and defense industry.

“The aerospace industry is a key driver of economic growth and good, high paying jobs,” said Gov. Fallin. “Technologies developed by aerospace companies are doing everything from enhancing our national defense to improving warning systems for tornadoes.”

“The partnership between government, particularly leadership at the state level, and industry is an invaluable resource,” said AIA President and CEO Marion C. Blakey. “Today’s meeting brought stakeholders together to deal with issues that we all care about.”

The Paris Air Show provides an opportunity for Governors, Industry, State officials and representatives from U.S. government agencies like the Export-Import Bank to meet with each other and with foreign customers and partners to discuss areas of mutual interest and benefit that have a direct impact in the states. Representatives from several AIA Executive Committee member companies joined Blakey, Governor Fallin and officials from Georgia and Virginia for this dialogue.

It became clear during the dialogue that sequestration budget cuts are starting to chip away at economic gains as local companies are forced to restrain investment and hiring. Unmanned aircraft systems are also being recognized as invaluable tools to benefit society once safely and appropriately integrated into commercial air space. In addition, resources like the U.S. Export Import Bank are increasingly providing critical support for successful international business activity for small and medium sized companies. 

“It is important for state and local governments to support the industry and to ensure the public and private sectors enjoy a strong partnership,” Fallin said. “My thanks go out to AIA for hosting today's aerospace dialogue and bringing together a wide variety of industry leaders and government officials.”

Gov. Fallin is currently the vice chair of the National Governor Association and sits on the executive committee. She understands the value of a strong partnership between government and industry and AIA looks forward to working with her on a variety of important issues.

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