Mary Fallin

Vulnerable Oklahomans

Fought Hunger in Oklahoma

One in four Oklahomans goes to bed hungry and many of those individuals are children. Governor Fallin believes we are too good of a state to ignore this problem -- she has made feeding the hungry a priority.

  • Launched Feeding Oklahoma Food Drive. Governor Fallin personally launched and spearheaded the Feeding Oklahoma Food Drive with local food banks, raising over 5 million meals since 2010 for hungry Oklahomans.

Vulnerable Oklahomans

Reformed sentencing laws

Oklahoma has one of the highest incarceration rates in the country, THE highest for women. Many of the men and women in Oklahoma’s penitentiary system are there for non violent crimes related to substance abuse and addiction. Governor Fallin believes the state is better served by getting these people treatment and rehabilitation, so they can be productive members of society. Sending non-violent drug addicts to prison, rather than treating them, wastes taxpayer dollars and adds to a cycle of poverty and broken homes.

  • Signed the Justice Reinvestment Act. In 2011, Governor Fallin signed comprehensive, public safety-focused sentencing reforms to keep dangerous and violent offenders behind bars, and rehabilitate non-violent offenders who show a willingness to become productive citizens.

Vulnerable Oklahomans