Mary Fallin


Helped Vets Find Jobs.

Unemployment among veterans is unacceptably high.  Governor Fallin knows our veterans are disciplined, hard-working people with unique skill sets that job creators look for and should be given every opportunity to find meaningful employment in public life after serving their country. 

  • Connected veterans to employers through Governor Fallin launched a digital portal that matches skilled workers -- many of them veterans -- with employers. She also signed legislation requiring public sector employers to interview veterans who meet the minimum and special qualifications for job openings.


Helped Provide Vets with Access to Education.

Helping returning veterans further their education has been a national priority since World War II. Helping veterans get college degrees or career certificates will eventually help these men and women to find jobs.

  • Passed Pro-Vet Education Legislation. Governor Fallin signed into law legislation allowing non-Oklahoman military personnel and their dependents to receive in-state tuition if they are stationed in Oklahoma; also signed legislation allowing public colleges, universities and Career Tech centers to grant academic credit for relevant training in the armed services.


Improved Care for Veterans

Veterans deserve the best services the state can provide. The reports of abuse and neglect in Oklahoma’s veterans centers were unacceptable. When Governor Fallin learned of the problem, she acted quickly to solve it.

  • Overhauled and Increased Resources for War Veterans Commission. Governor Fallin replaced eight out of nine members of the War Veterans Commission, asking each one of them to step up oversight efforts at the state’s veterans centers. She directed them to pursue improvements in service and to investigate any instances of abuse or neglect. She also allocated a $1 million increase for the Department of Veterans Affairs for additional nurses at veterans centers.