Mary Fallin

Energy and Environment

Supported Oklahoma Energy Production.

Oklahoma is an energy state and our economy depends on the growth and retention of energy jobs. The governor has supported the production of fossil fuels like oil and natural gas while laying the groundwork for the expansion of renewable energy sources like wind power. Pursuing this “all of the above” energy strategy will boost Oklahoma’s economy and ensure the state continues to be a leader in energy production. 

  • Authored the “Oklahoma First" Energy Plan.  Governor Fallin introduced the state's first ever comprehensive energy strategy in 2012 after gathering input from stakeholders ranging from energy producers to environmentalists.


Championed Oklahoma-Produced Natural Gas.

Natural Gas is a driving force behind the ongoing Energy Revolution that Oklahoma is at the forefront of. To sustain that energy revolution, CNG needs to break into new markets, especially in the transportation sector. Governor Fallin is working to ensure that CNG cars and trucks are the wave of the future, not just in Oklahoma, but nationwide.

  • Launched a multi state initiative promoting the use of CNG cars and trucks in state fleets. With Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper, lead a 23 state initiative to drive down the cost of CNG cars and trucks through bulk purchasing. The state of Oklahoma has since purchased hundreds of CNG cars and trucks at reduced costs. Taxpayers can save up to $20,000 on fuel costs over the life cycle of each of these vehicles.


Saved Taxpayer Dollars Through Energy Efficiency. Governor Fallin’s energy efficiency initiatives are predicted to save taxpayers as much as $300 million between now and 2020. 

  • Passed  Energy Efficiency Legislation. Governor Fallin passed legislation requiring all state agencies to reduce energy consumption by 20% by 2020.