Securing our Borders and Enforcing our Laws

Stand with Mary on immigration regorm

In Oklahoma, we respect hardworking, legal immigrants who have come to our state to be a part of our community. What we cannot tolerate, and what I will not allow, is a culture in which our laws are ignored, our borders are trampled and our communities are left helpless.

As governor, I'll pursue immigration laws like the one recently passed in Arizona that give law enforcement agents the ability to enforce the rules we already have on the books. I'll also work with our employers to develop an efficient, reliable way of ensuring that workers employed in Oklahoma are legal residents. Those who circumvent that system and knowingly hire illegal aliens will be punished.

Illegal immigration is not something we can turn a blind eye to; it is a crime. I will enforce our laws, get tough on those who break them and make sure the rule of law is respected.

Stand with Mary on immigration regorm

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