Governor Fallin Honored at OYE- Signals Support for House Bill 1999

March 21, 2013

Oklahoma Farm Bureau

Governor Mary Fallin saluted the young people involved in the 2013 Oklahoma Youth Expo- as she brought greetings to the crowd gathered at the Sale of Champions on Friday afternoon at the State Fair Grounds in Oklahoma City.

While there, the board of the Youth Expo honored the Governor for her interest and support of the "World's Largest Junior Livestock Show" and presented her with a plaque and a special OYE vase. Afterwards, she talked with Farm Director Ron Hays about why she has attended the premium sale multiple times as both Governor as well as Lt. Governor down through the years. She says the Youth Expo is about the future of the state of Oklahoma and the educational opportunities provided young people from all 77 counties.

Hays also talked with the Governor about where she stood on House Bill 1999, the so called Horse Slaughter bill. HB1999 has passed the House, as well as the Senate Ag Committee and will likely be considered on the floor of the Oklahoma Senate this coming Tuesday. Speaking about the measure, Governor Fallin told Hays " I know it's very important to the people in the agricultural sector and one that's had a lot of debate." Governor Fallin added that "It is important that we have a humane way to take care of abandoned horses and those that are getting older." As a result, the Governor indicated her support for HB1999- "I'm glad to see some legislation going through that will address this issue." Hays asked if that means she is supportive of HB1999 and she replied, "Yes, it is a bill I think I can support."

Click on the LISTEN BAR below to listen to the brief interview with Governor Fallin (the section about HB 1999 is the last fifty seconds of the conversation.)