Governor Fallin Statement on the Second Presidential Debate held at Hofstra University

October 17, 2012

Press Release

OKLAHOMA CITY. Governor Mary Fallin released the following statement regarding the second presidential debate held at Long Island’s Hofstra University:

"In another winning debate, Governor Romney showed Americans once again that he is the leader with a proven track record and a plan to grow the economy and create jobs. He offered specific plans on how to get the country back on track to ensure a bright future for all Americans.

In contrast, President Obama did not offer specifics and couldn’t justify his record for the last four years. No matter how many times the President was asked why he should be reelected, he couldn’t defend his record on big spending programs, record deficits, job creation, and failure to move our country towards energy independence. He didn’t offer any new ideas and plans on how the next four years will be any different than the last four years.

America cannot afford another four years of the failed leadership and programs of President Obama. As Gov. Romney stated in the debate, this election is about who can get middle class families in this country a bright and prosperous future and assure that our children and grandchildren have the kind of hope and optimism they deserve. Americans saw last night that Gov. Romney is the leader that can do that."