Oklahoma Governor Praises Mitt Romney's Pick For Running Mate

August 11, 2012


By the Associated Press

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney introduced Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice presidential running mate on Saturday, turning to the architect of a deeply conservative and intensely controversial long-term budget plan to remake Medicare and cut trillions in federal spending.

In the campaign to come, Republicans will present economic solutions "that are bold, specific and achievable," Romney said as he presented his political partner to cheering supporters. "We offer our commitment to create 12 million new jobs and bring better take home pay to middle class families."

The two men basked in the cheers of supporters in the ticket's made-for-television debut. "I did not make a mistake with this guy," Romney exulted.

"I am deeply excited and honored to join you as your running mate," Ryan said in his first words at the podium." He said that together, "we will restore the greatness of this country."

"Regrettably, President Obama has become part of the problem, and Mitt Romney is the solution" to an economy that has yet to make a strong recovery from the worst recession in decades, he said.

The ticket made its debut at a naval museum in Norfolk, Virginia, the initial stop of a bus tour through four battleground states in as many days. The USS Wisconsin, berthed at the museum, was their bunting-draped backdrop.

Gov. Mary Fallin, who was selected to speak at this year's Republican National Convention, released the following statement after the announcement was made:

"Having worked with Paul Ryan in Congress, I know he is a smart, committed advocate for the kind of small government, pro-growth policies that are going to create more jobs and get this country back on track. He's also a genuinely nice person with a great family and a wonderful wife from Madill, Oklahoma. He will make a great running mate, and continue to be an effective voice for the principles of limited government and free markets that make America great. I applaud Mitt Romney for selecting Paul, and I look forward to doing everything I can to support the Romney/Ryan ticket."

Oklahoma's Sen. Jim Inhofe also praised Romney's choice for a VP candidate:

"I congratulate Mitt Romney on his excellent Vice Presidential selection of Paul Ryan. Ryan is a solid conservative who has shown incredible leadership on some of the biggest issues of the day. The Romney-Ryan ticket will bring solutions to our country's fiscal problems while restoring America's economic strength. Incidentally, he has family ties to our state since his wife is from Oklahoma."

While word of Ryan's selection leaked late Friday night, and was posted by the campaign to its phone app before the speeches, Obama's campaign withheld its reaction until the Republicans had spoken.

"The architect of the radical Republican House budget, Ryan, like Romney, proposed an additional $250,000 tax cut for millionaires, and deep cuts in education from Head Start to college aid," Jim Messina, the president's campaign manager, said in a written statement.

"His plan would also end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system, shifting thousands of dollars in health care costs to seniors," he said.

Ryan's selection - as well as Romney's own nomination - will be ratified by delegates to the Republican National Convention that begins on August 27 in Tampa, Florida